Welcome, Silent Sporters!

Welcome to the revamped Silent Sports Magazine website, with a little more re-vamping here and there along the way. This website is now for you to sit back and stay a while, not only for all the great stories and pictures over the years, but also now for all the videos, including drone videos, showing great features of our silent sports world. This includes videos for existing stories, upcoming stories, and Our Clubs & Organizations (please check out the wonderful listing of the great deeds we do when we come together). Most of all, though, this website is also for your videos. Send a silent-sports-related video my way at www.silentsportsvideos@gmail.com and there’s a good chance your video will be posted here.

Silent Sports Magazine also makes its website available to your fundraiser and fundraising efforts. Doing your silent sports for a good cause? You can post it under our forum tab/fundraisers, to link and share to your passion’s content. Have a thing or two to say about silent sports gear or a destination, to brag on or perhaps wonder about, please use our forum for that, too. Comments available, too, but please be respectful and relevant. All posting requests can be done using the website or, if the needed re-vamping prevents this, contact me via the form that follows, and I’ll get your posting up there for you.

I’ll be checking my in-box for you!

Managing Editor,
Silent Sports Magazine