Silent Sports Magazine was founded in July 1984 to provide solid, reliable, and timely regional information on bicycling, running, paddlesports, multisports, adventure races, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and other nonmotorized aerobic activities. Started by Greg Marr, Silent Sports Magazine was born out of his frustration with the lack of regional information in the upper Midwest on these silent sports. National publications address regional needs sporadically at best, and local sources virtually ignore these activities and their growing number of participants.

Silent Sports Magazine was also founded to report on the high level of participation of citizen and elite athletes in many upper Midwest events, and to provide all silent sports enthusiasts, no matter their skill level, access to stories that matter to our area. This includes information on gear, destinations, outstanding individuals and groups, training, and threats to our waterways and trails. We follow the seasons, providing important coverage on the upper Midwest, featuring its people and places. 

Unlike other sports magazines, in print or online, Silent Sports Magazine understands that we are not isolated in our silent sports endeavors, or resistant to trying new things. We have comfort zones, yes, but we cross-train, engage in several silent sports, not just one, and we volunteer for the sake of our trails, communities, and for those in need. This is why Silent Sports Magazine offers a sense of family and community to its readers, a feeling not often found in mass market publications. We have filled a broad niche by providing information on a local-regional basis through a magazine that has become a part of the lives of its readers. 

Only Silent Sports Magazine delivers stories where all silent sports are welcome in one forum, where we come together, from one month’s publication to the next.

Managing Editor Bruce Steinberg, who started as a writer in the Greg Marr days, becoming a regular writer under Joel Patenaude’s fine leadership, is joined by contributors who are a combination of long-time contributors to new. The net is cast wide, always seeking out new voices to go with the familiar, from the elite who knows how to write articles for all of us to learn from and to enjoy, to writers whose expertise comes from the unusual or the unique, to everyday matters we sometimes overlook.  

With renewed focus on Greg Marr’s storied, upper-Midwest purpose, Silent Sports Magazine is again your magazine, presenting stories on silent sports events, places, and, most importantly, its people. And all of this is focused on where we live, where we self-propel ourselves in many different ways, among friends and within the unique beauty the upper Midwest offers.

With the recent addition of Our Silent Sports Clubs & Organizations, forums, links, Silent Sports Home Videos, and other features, Silent Sports Magazine now more than ever presents all of you the opportunity to engage with us and with each other. Send a video, a story idea, a club’s information, fundraisers, gear and destination experiences, and all things silent-sports related, and perhaps it will make the print and the online screen. You never know unless you give it a try. 

Therefore, now just as when started by Greg in 1984, but in so many new ways: Welcome to Silent Sports Magazine!

Silent Sports Magazine is owned by Multi Media Channels LLC/Brown County Publishing