IMPORTANT VASA NEWS: Received January 27, 2021: Extra Note from Phoebe Miron Kroll of the  Mora Ski Club: Bruce – We’ve changed the date and format for our Skijoring and Fat Vasa races, if you would like to update your website- We’re holding the Skijoring races on March 13th, with a start/finish window of 9am-noon… the courses – approx. 4K and 10K -will be well marked and skijorers will be timed but no other race support this year.  The Fat Vasa will be on March 14th – approx. 12K, 24K & 36K- it will be a self timed event – there will be a QR code to scan to start/lap count/finish –  with a start/finish window of 10am – 4pm.  All registrations will be through, nothing in-person.  We will also be holding the Founders’ Classic races – 5K, 10K & 20K- on February 21st in the same format- register online, self time, etc.  The Founders’ Classic is more of a family event so, of course, families are encouraged to ski together, otherwise, it is everyone’s responsibility to be socially distant.  Thanks! Phoebe Miron Kroll, Mora Ski Club